Hello world!

So… a big blank empty (kind of scary) screen awaits me – and somehow I need to find the words to fill it up. And they’re supposed to be witty, cheerful and make people want to come back and read more. No pressure!

I suppose  a good place to start is with a little bit of background info – not enough to spark any stalker-ish tendencies, but just enough so you know where I’m coming from. So here is a handy-dandy list of me:

  • I live in South Africa. I know that that sounds scary, but I promise I won’t come murder you in your sleep. Not my style.
  • I work a full-time job in an industry I enjoy, but have thoughts of branching out into different areas. So I experiment in my free time with a bit of interior and fashion design, a lot of baking/cooking, and quite a bit of internet surfing.
  • Unfortunately, the money required to fuel my interests is more than my job provides. So I try to find cheaper ways to do what I want to do, while still doing the things I need to do. Not as easy as it sounds… which is why I’m going to share with the ether what I do and how I do it. Upcoming posts – my handbag, which was my very first foray into fashion design. And I’m happy with the result! Probably a good few cooking posts, and (hopefully) some interior design. So a little bit of a few different things – just call me a trifle! (Trifle – because of all the different things that go into it? Like me it is made of different ingredients? No? Oh well.)

Basically this is going to be a very light-hearted and simple blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it!



8 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Lil miss trifle! Weldone for your first blog! Its awesome! Will definitely be following your blogs. You’ve got alota great ideas!!

  2. well hello there, what a pleasant surprise, I’m definately subscribing to your page, I hope your written thoughts, will include photo’s especially of the infamouse bag!

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