Soft and squishy and fluffy

I showed you a picture of a strange, green, fluffy thing in the last post. And one of the commenters guessed it – yup – it is a cushion! Now why on earth would I sew a cushion, especially considering my sewing phobia? Well, I blame it all on my sister. Why? Well, anyone out there who is creative (in any medium – I don’t judge 😉 ) will have noticed that creative people tend to draw together. Almost like creativity begets creativity. As a result of this strange phenomenon all of our friends are arty or creative. We each tend to have our medium of choice (or mediums as the case may be) but are willing to try anything.

In fact, most of this group were part of my awesome bachelorette’s party – my sis organised that we all go out to this cool place where you can choose bowls/mugs/other pottery and paint it (glaze really) and they’ll bake it for you and then you just go collect. So Sis chose funky bowls (useful for cereal, soup and pudding), got me to choose colours, and at the end I had a gorgeous set of six bowls, each one made by one of my close friends, as well as a HUGE bowl, good for table salads, chips or as a fruit bowl. Needless to say, I was one happy girl that day!

But I digress. Back to the story of the cushion. My sis has been organising craft projects for the group – usually one every 2 months or so. Each time it’s very different, and stretches us nicely. This particular project was, you guessed it! a cushion. Too change it up a bit, she got each of us to give a bit of a design brief – what it would be used for, colours requested, design requested etc. That way we wouldn’t end up with a purple cushion when our colour scheme was reds. Just an example. The design brief I got was the following: “My most favourite colour is teal although I do love all other colours especially when they are all together. I enjoy novelty and nature esp trees and green and peaceful scenes infused with bright, weird and unexpected things.” I had so many ideas! I loved the idea of trees, and for some reason my mind went to leaves. leaves of all colours – different shades of green and brown and red and orange – all lying ‘haphazardly’ (but sewn down) on the ‘floor’ – actually the brown cover of the cushion. And I so badly wanted to do that. But (and this is a big ‘but’) my sewing skills were not up to par. The more I tried to figure out a way to do it, the more I wanted to cry at the thought of trying to cut out and edge all those different leaf shapes. But off I went to the material shop with said sister. While she was looking for her cushion material, I was browsing around. Earlier in the day I had come across this packet of little pom-poms, all in different greens. Maybe I had a psychic flash (doubtful) or maybe I just thought they were pretty (far more likely), but I bought them. So when in the material store I saw this gorgeous dark bottle green velvet, an idea started to spark in my brain.

Right there on the counter I pulled the green velvet roll of material open and dumped some of the pompoms onto the material. Then I scrunched the material up a bit around the pom pom and called Sis. “This is it!” (or something along those lines – I don’t have an eidetic or photographic memory, more’s the pity!) – and so the final design started to take shape.

That night, back at home, I started trying to make this thing. Now, me being me, I didn’t take into account just how much material the scrunching up of the material would use. I started panicking when I had done about a quarter of the front – and the material was looking like it woudn’t be wide enough to make a whole cover. So the design got altered – from being randomly scattered around the material it became a quite condensed in one corner (the first corner!) and then thinning out in the rest of the piece.

So now the front was done, I just needed to do the back. Ha ha – I say ‘just’ like it was easy. Me being me – I messed it up somehow. I sewed it all weird and strange like, and managed to get it so that no matter which way round it was – at least one dodgy seam would show. Darn. This time though, I thought I mustn’t panic. Just get the stichripper, rip out the offending seams, and resew. You can do this. I find a stitch ripper in an el cheapo sewing kit I bought to keep buttons sewed on in an emergency, and attacked the seams with gusto. And then I panicked. It appears that the thread I used was stronger than the material, and the act of ripping the stitches out was actually ripping the material. Isn’t it funny how sometimes a small amount of knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all? In this case, my understanding that to make sure your stitches don’t unravel, you should reverse stitch and then stitch forward at the beginning and end of the line. This technique works extremely well. Stitches don’t just unravel when you do this. Not even when you want them to! Husband to the rescue for the umpteenth time – and we ended up using the left-over lining material to make a new back. Not as big as I had wanted it to be in the beginning, but big enough to hold the cushion in. Especially once I had sewn a couple of press-studs to hold the lining closed and thus to hold the cushion inside the cushion cover.

So I sewed the backing on – and then came the moment of truth. I needed to stuff it. So I pulled out the inner of one my old scatter cushions, and put it into the new cover. And was so happy when I realised that it worked! And looked good! (I know in the picture it looks kind of lumpy and weird but I promise it looks better in real life.)

In case you’ve forgotten what it looks like, here is the picture again:

And that’s the story of how I made a cushion. Bet you never knew I could write over 1000 words on making one single, simple cushion!

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “Soft and squishy and fluffy

  1. Thank you for persevering with your “soft and squishy and fluffy” green, bobbly creation. It fits in very well with the rest of the hodge podge of colours, textures and dangly bits that make up my bubble cave. It was worth the effort. ‘Ribbon Revolt’ here we come (just thought I would throw in some advertising for our non-existent company while I’m at it)! And I promise not to put any more sewing ideas into you or your sister’s head.

  2. Wow Missy your pillow came out really awesome, I agree with Jules, the picture doesn’t do your pillow any justice, it came out STUNNING!!! I think we all in the end had fun making out pillows – despite many of us hating sowing. All though I think a few of us would agree that was enough sowing for the year – LOL!!!

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