Caprese tomato bites

If you read the last post, you’ll know that I had decided to cook a gourmet meal for my in-laws for their anniversary. I had it all planned out – On Friday I would do the pudding, and on Saturday I would do the starters and main. I would buy almost everything on Friday afternoon, leaving only the shanks to buy on the Saturday at the local ‘slow foods’ market.

So off I went, armed with my trusty shopping list. Almost everything was easily located, with the exception of mozzarella. I stood in front of the cheese section, starting forlornly at the tub which USED to have mozzarella in it. It now had feta. While normally I would be very happy to have feta and wouldn’t grudge it its position in the world – in this one particular instance I felt a feeling of injustice. I was very sad. Anyway I got everything else and went to pay. I suddenly thought that maybe it had just been moved… that it did still exist… and I asked the cashier. This is an approximation of the conversation:

Me: You guys used to have mozzarella back there. Has it been moved?

Cashier: Sorry?

M: There used to be mozzarella in the pans back there. Have they been moved?

C: The cheese section is behind you.

(awkward silence)

M: I know where the cheese section is, I’m asking what has happened to the mozzarella that used to be served at the cheese section.

C: What?

(I briefly considered the futility of this conversation and decided that life was too short. Far too short.)

M: Never mind, you have no idea what I’m talking about.

C: A lot has changed now that we’ve started renovating.

(It’s amazing! A sentence that almost relates to my question!)

M: How long are the renovations supposed to carry on for?

C: We don’t know – we weren’t even told that they were happening. We just came in and they were busy moving stuff.

(At this point I felt a bit sorry for the cashier – he must have had quite a few irate customers querying what was happening)

After a bit more conversation I paid for my stuff and left. And bought my mozzarella somewhere else. But this is what I wanted the mozzarella for: Caprese tomato bites from EatPlayLove’s site – just slightly altered.

Here is the recipe:










  • 1 packet Small Tomatoes – I used Romanita
  • 3 Tablespoons Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 250g Fresh Mozzarella
  • 6 leaves Fresh Basil
  • 2 cloves Garlic, Minced
  • Balsamic reduction – to decorate the plates and to use as a dipping sauce
Chop the tops of the tomatoes off and scoop out all the pips. You can chuck the seeds into the garden or throw them away or use them for something else – up to you.
Into a blender/food processor, chuck the mozzarella, basil, cream and garlic. Blend until everything has been nicely combined. (Warning – it won’t be perfectly smooth – the mixture might look slightly lumpy/bumpy. If those bothers you, you can try processing it for longer. But it adds a nice texture to the whole thing I felt!)
Put this mixture into a plastic bag or piping bag. If you are using a plastic bag, squish the mixture into a corner and when you are ready to start piping, snip off the corner. pipe as much as you can into each tomato – you’ll probably find you have quite a bit of filling left. Keep it and use it to make toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches later. I promise you won’t regret it!
When you’re ready to serve, either put a drop of the balsamic reduction onto each tomato, or if you want to make it look fancy, use it to decorate the plate with swirls or dots or smiley faces or anything like that.

3 thoughts on “Caprese tomato bites

  1. Thank you!! Ive now completely drooled all over my desk. This recipe looks like you can play around with it a little, maybe instead of the Mozzerella use feta and instead of tomatoes you can pepperdews. I am sure everyone gobbled those little tomato treats within seconds.

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