Foodie Penpals SA

I know you’re all eagerly awaiting the next recipe post (Lamb shanks, anyone?) but I wanted to share this with you first – my first blogging project possibility. What am I talking about? Well, read further and all shall be revealed…

While I was trawling the internet two days ago (as one does) I came across this site: http://www.theleangreenbean.com/foodie-penpals/ and as I was reading the content I became very excited. This wonderful woman has been organising a penpal thing of sorts – where you get paired up with someone you don’t know and you send each other a box full of awesome, unusual food. There is a reasonable price limit, so no-one feels as if they can’t participate due to lack of funding – and all the bloggers who participate each month write a blog about what was in their box. But of course, living here in the southern-most tip of Africa, I don’t fall in the areas which are included. So what did I do? I did what any self-respecting girl/blogger/girl-blogger does – I talked to my friends, specifically those with blogs of their own. And together we decided that the idea was so unbelievably awesome, we should look at starting it up here as well. But now we need to find out who exactly is interested, and if anyone has any thoughts/suggestions. Have a look at The Lean Green Bean’s site (link above) – the rules she uses is there. She has very kindly given us permission to fall under her umbrella and use her rules – (which saves me from having to come up with rules myself!) – which is extremely sweet of her! So now I leave it in your hands – is their anyone out there interested in joining up? It would be a month-to-month thing, and the only money you’d have to spend would be on your box. The American price limit is $15 – we were thinking of making it no less than R50, no more than R100. I love the idea of allowing handmade goodies into the box, as well as saying that there must be a handwritten something – be it a recipe, a note, or even just a list of the items in the box. Oh – and in case you’re wondering, this is open to both blog writers and blog readers. And if you’re reading this post, that makes you eligible!

I know this is a very short post, but I’m longing to hear your thoughts and comments. Should we do this? Is there enough interest so that it’s more than just me and a couple of my friends? Come on… all you closet foodies out there… join in! The internet needs YOU! If you want to give thoughts/ideas/feedback – you can either leave a comment here, or head on over to my friend at Abby’s Cooking Kitchen’s facebook page and leave a comment there.

Good chat.



4 thoughts on “Foodie Penpals SA

  1. Lol, was just talking to my boss about starting one up ourselves. Did you ever get around to launching Foodie Penpals SA? If so, would love to join!

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