Crazy Weeks…

Sometimes things happen in life that you aren’t expecting. And then more things happen. And then… yup – even more things happen. Take the last two weeks for example.

Husband has been so stressed and overworked that his immune system has been at all time low – resulting in him getting pharyngitis (I’d never heard of this before!) and tonsillitis at the same time. The doc put him on some crazy strange antibiotics which he had to dissolve in water before he could drink (say what???) and told him to stay at home. He didn’t. So he didn’t really get better.

On Tuesday I get home from work, Husband walks in and casually announces that my best friend is in hospital with meningitis – her husband let him know. I think I might have discovered some new super-powers as I could swear a cleared 10 feet in my jump off the couch. Needless to say, she was in hospital for five days.

Then on Saturday, my Mom comes through to visit, and (again, somewhat casually) announces that we need to go visit my aunt (who stays about 10km away from us) who has come down with … wait for it… tick-bite fever! Off we toddle to go visit her. She’s staying on her own at the moment so we went and got some groceries for her… at least she’s on the mend now.

On Saturday night, Husband (who’s still not better at this point) starts struggling to breathe. His chest is closed tighter than a bank vault the night after everything has been stolen. So Sunday morning off we go – back to the hospital. Emergency Room, here we come. Doc there tells him he now has bronchitis, prescribes a crazy dose of cortisone and tells him that if he’s not better by Tuesday he must get antibiotics again. Sunday evening my friend is released from hospital, Husband’s chest starts opening, and my aunt hasn’t phoned to ask me to take her to the hospital.

Wednesday morning my mom lets me know that she’s heard from aunt, who is feeling much better. Just as we think we can start breathing again, Wednesday afternoon Husband phones to (again, casually) tell me that his mom went to see a specialist and had been admitted straight to hospital for tests. The same hospital that my friend was in, and that Husband went to on Sunday. It’s so strange – Monday last week I had no idea there was even a hospital where that hospital is – now I’ve been there seven times in the last week and a half! And of course, with all the stress, Husband STILL isn’t well – and is going to the chemist today to fetch his antibiotics.

Moral of the story? Never trust anything which is said in a casual tone of voice. Oh – and things change unexpectedly. Sometimes it’s nice to be in a rut – next time you are bored remember that boredom is restful. Take advantage of it!
Hope your week has been better than ours!




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