Bon Jovi Concert- Part 1

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A picture of a rose. No reason – just think it’s pretty!

Last year, in December, the day I got my bonus from work, I went to the mall to buy my husband’s anniversary present. I knew that he desperately wanted to go to the upcoming Bon Jovi concert, but as we were totally unable to afford it, he had put it out of his mind. So, the second I heard that fabulous little sms tone that signalled the arrival of money in my account (on a side note – don’t you find that the tone that signals the arrival of money in your account is somehow happier, more excited, more cheerful and upbeat than it normally sounds?) I went to go buy our tickets.

Now, here in South Africa, we have a central ticket distributor, who sells most of the tickets for any event within SA. Also, this ticket agency has stalls in every outlet of one of the main grocery stores. This was my easiest way to get the ticket as a)I don’t have a credit card so buying online wasn’t an option, and b)that grocery store is closer to me than an actual outlet. Now, I had about an hour to get the ticket before I had to go fetch hubby. (I forget why I had to fetch him… I think we had an event on that night?) So off I go to get my ticket.

I get to the little stall and tell them the ticket I want to buy. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t you think it would make sense that if you actually put into the system that you want to buy two tickets, it would automatically select two seats next to each other? I thought so too. Apparently not. The lady at the place and I were clicking on random seats, hoping to find two together. Eventually, time was running out. I had to go fetch hubby. By this time there were two people there, and all of us were staring at the screen with desperation in our eyes. I decided at this point to go fetch hubby, and we would then go to the actual outlet in the mall and get it there. Hopefully their system would work better… ?

I pick hubby up and tell him that we have to go buy his anniversary present now. He is a)extremely surprised, and b)utterly floored, and c)now unbelievably curious. We park in the parking lot of the mall – which isn’t exactly a big help for him in figuring out what he’s getting. And I’m not saying ANYTHING :). (Again – on a side note – am I the only one who loves having a secret – a good secret – and knowing that you’ll be able to tell them soon and they’re going to be so happy!?)

We start walking through the mall. I obviously know where we’re going, but that area of the mall doesn’t hold much in the way of interesting shops. It’s mainly (female) clothing stores, a couple of shoe shops, and some furniture shops. Now the ticket place is (randomly) at the back of a furniture store. I knew that as soon as I walked into the store he’d know that I was heading towards the ticket counter, and would probably guess at that point.

But shame – he was so sweet – he didn’t want to get his hopes up because he knew how expensive the tickets were – so he was guessing things like a normal theatre show (not a huge stretch as we both love the theatre), or one of the cheaper concerts – but I could see the hope in his eyes… and when I stepped up to the counter and asked for two tickets to the Bon Jovi concert… you should have SEEN his face! It was like I’d just given him a puppy! The same problem raised its ugly head, however. Were there any seats left in the stadium that were two together? Together with the (much friendlier) lady at the counter, we searched the digital stadium. Eventually we found two seats together.

Now, as this was our first experience at the stadium, we had no idea what were good seats and what weren’t. We were at this point just glad to have seats together!

Next time… the concert itself! (What an amazing, and somewhat hilarious, experience!)

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